What's the new style of fanny packs?

Fanny packs are back in a few different looks. The fashion trend exploded and is going to be a huge success all through 2019. However, there seems to be a few different categories of designer fashion in both men and women's fanny packs. First, we have the genuine leather fanny packs like this. They are sure to get some compliments and are very new to stores. Much newer than the old style of fanny pack that we are used to from the 80's and 90's era. However, these have also come back into fashion. Nostalgia has taken the country by storm and people love the nostalgic fanny pack look. There are also fanny packs that are better for more practical reasons. For instance, those who go on hikes or to festivals want an easy, safe way to carry things around without pockets. We have designer fanny packs for these reasons too. Perhaps you're big into working out, needing something waterproof and lightweight, we even have these types of fanny packs for sale.

So come see what all we have for sale in our store before the end of the month (that's when prices go back to normal)!

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