How did fanny packs become such a big deal again?

Fanny packs having been coming back for a little over a year now. Also known as waist bags, belt bag, or even hip bag. There has been a complete turnaround on the public opinion of fanny packs. Starting in the UK and France, fanny packs for both men and women have been hitting the runways more and more. Now they've officially boomed in 2019 and has taken the internet by storm. There are major brands such as Champion, Nike, and Gucci jumping into the mix. However, our store was created after seeing the high prices of these brands fanny packs. They were going for over $1000, at full price, and huge markups. Here, we took the exact same designs, genuine leather, and a great company atmosphere to bring you the same for a fraction of the price. Come see our men's fanny pack collection and our women's fanny pack collection for some amazingly low prices. Our store is having a sale that lasts till the end of the month so come and make the most of it!

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